Growing Herbs in Pots

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If you choose to grow herbs indoor you will be using containers of some sort. You may also choose to grow your herbs on a windowsill or hanging baskets. Growing herbs in pots is not any more challenging than growing doing so in an outdoor garden.  Indoor herbs have the same growing requirements that garden herbs need.

In any circumstances all plants have 3 basic needs to grow successfully ; they will need sunlight, a proper soil mix and/or fertilizer for growing herbs in pots and of course, water. Growing herbs is no exception and all these ingredient are needed for its life. Sunlight is a key ingredient for any type of plants including herbs whether you choose to growing herbs in pots outdoors or growing herbs in pots indoors.

If you choose to grow your herbs indoor, you will benefit greatly by placing them near windows on the south or west side of your home. This will assure you that the herbs are getting the best light for them to grow in.

When it comes to herb gardening it is important to know that different plants have different light requirements but, as  a whole, they all need sunlight. An alternative or supplement to natural sunlight can be obtained by the use of  “grow lamps” or fluorescent lamps.

It is also important to grow the herbs in a well-drained, well-balanced soil. Start with about 1 inch of gravel at the bottom of each pot  or container to ensure good drainage. Fill the rest of the pots with 2 parts of sterilized potting soil with 1 part coarse sand or perlite.

To ensure that the soil is sweet enough for the herbs that you’ll be growing inside of your home, you can supplement the soil with 1 teaspoon of lime per 5-inch pot. Of course the indoor-grown herbs will need water. To keep the herbs within a humid condition you can mist the plants and keep the pebbles moist. Herbs being grown in pots or containers will need to have more water than those grown outside in the garden, but keep in mind that when watering the inside plants to avoid getting their roots drenched or soggy.

A big plus for growing herbs in pots or containers is that it is possible for you to move them around your home if needed. You may wish for annuals to stay indoors all year round but enjoy the freedom of  keeping the perennials outside during the summer season. Be sure to bring all your growing herbs in pots outside back indoor before any risk of a frost during the later part of the season to avoid any loss of foliage.

There is an important exception with mint, chives, and tarragon as compared to, for instance,  growing basil in pots. After a light frost, these herbs begin a rest period that provokes a firmer, fresher growth. By experimenting, you will notice that although all herbs can be grown in pots, some tends to have better results then others. For instance, mint will do great in a container but it would literally grow out of control if you were to grow it outdoor. In closing, keeping an indoor home garden is fairly simple. It is a great advantage for you have your fresh herbs within reach at all time while cooking.

Making use of the tips listed above, you have a good foundation to ensure proper care and health of the herbs you have chosen to grow. I would suggest that you give the plants a periodic light feeding and re-pot your plant  once a year for optimum health and production. Over all it is fairly easy to maintain an indoor herb garden.  It keeps the herbs handy and within reach anytime you need them for cooking.

With these tips listed above, I’m sure you are already more confident about caring for and growing herbs in pots.  You should also include periodic light feeding and yearly re-potting for optimum health of the herbs. Annuals will need to be replanted and bring the perennials outside for the summer season.

Occasional harvesting and pruning your herbs will only encourage to grow so fell free to use your herbs as often as you wish. Use them in your recipes, store them for late use or gives some of them to your friends.



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