Windowsill Herb Garden

Among the many joys of herb gardening is that it can be done easily inside or outside if not both. In this article we will discuss in more depth the pleasure of having a windowsill herb garden.

It is, basically quite easy and requires minimal effort to get this project started. The usual windows chosen are the ones in the kitchen if the sunlight is appropriate because it is very handy to have your fresh herbs at arms reach when cooking and preparing dishes that requires these herbs.

Either a great looking recipe you might have seen on the Food Network or in a magazine, or perhaps a delicious meal you’ve had at your favorite restaurant you will find that when you have a try at cooking those great meals you will get the desired results when using fresh herbs. Using fresh herbs will transform the simplest of dishes into delightful gourmet cuisine.

One could say that having this indoor herb garden growing around you is like having an organic supermarket on the windowsill. There is a large variety of herbs that you can choose from and you decide exactly how you wish to grow them. You can even start with a windowsill herb garden kit.

Is is very easy to make your own windowsill garden. Start by gathering several pots that you can find at various places. You probably have various containers in the basement or garage, go have a look at local flea markets. You can re-purpose containers such as yogurt cups or ice cream boxes. In all cases, it will be important that these containers have adequate drainage. Placing trays underneath them will collect all access water.

Before filling them up with soil you might wish to place them around the chosen windowsills in an arrangement that is pleasant to you and beneficial to the herbs you will be growing. Once you have a satisfying arrangement, draw a plan on paper to remember your setup. Perhaps it would nice to paint and decorate the pots you will be using to add pleasing aesthetics to your herb garden.

For inspiration have a look in any gardening magazine, various plants arrangement books at your library or Google the term ”windowsill plants arrangement” or similar key words and use the ‘image’ view at the top of the resulting page. You can then choose and prepare your containers following the great arrangement you picked-up in a magazine or on the internet. Finally, you may wish to identify the container with the name of the herb you will be growing.

Once all the containers and their trays are ready we will proceed to the actual planting of the seeds. You can dig up some soil from your garden if you already gardening outside and harvest seeds from existing plants or you may just go to to your local gardening store to buy both the soil and seeds.

Plant the seeds following the recommendations on the package and water them when the soil is dry. keep in mind that most herbs prefer a lot of sunlight and the windows add a greenhouse effect which is great for the plants. If the location lacks sunlight or the weather is not appropriate, a grow light or a fluorescent lamp can help supplement the missing light.

You may prefer buying a herb garden kit where you will find a large variety of options. Of course a kit will contain everything needed apart from the water. For instance, a completely organic window garden kits even include pots that are biodegradable. You might go for a least extravagant option such as a garden in a bag. All you need to do is place the bag at the location of your choice, open the bag and water.

Finally, a windowsill herb garden requires absolutely no pesticides of any kind so you you don’t have to be concerned about health problems for your plants and the herb you put in your plate will be free of any residue.



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