Setting-up a Mini Herb Garden

Until recently most people got their herbs at their local grocery store. A very convenient method though not without its shortcomings such as desired freshness, quantity and even occasionally, availability. There has been a steady growing rise in popularity in home gardening not only for the pleasure of gardening but to obtain the delightful difference fresh herbs adds to your prepared meals. Not everyone interested in growing herbs feel that they have the required space to do so. There is a solution to this constrain by growing your own mini herb garden.

A great advantage to consider is that herbs are very productive given to right conditions so that 1 or 2 plants of an herb is enough to feed an average family. Different herbs can be grown at different location indoors in containers, on a windowsill or hang in front of the patio door and out on the patio or balcony. Essentially a mini herb garden indoor is created by using the available space that you can dispose of.

Inside or outside or your home there are 2 primary considerations to assure the success of herb gardening lighting and the soil. Though “low maintenance” herb plants do require well drained soil and a good 12 hours of sunlight a day. To assure good drainage is easy for your potted plants. Start with a 2 to 3 inch bed of stone gravel in the bottom of the pots or container mixing it with sans and soil to be used in the vessel. Avoid packing the soil mixture too much. Once lightly dampened you may begin the planting using either seeds or seedlings.

If you are beginning as a herbs gardener, it would be well advised  to purchase your favorite herb plants from a store where you will replant them in the containers you have prepared beforehand. You will also find a mini herb garden kit or even a aerogarden to be a good starting point. In all instances, in a short while you will be able to harvest leaves to add to your meals.

Abundance of light is the key to successful mini gardening inside your home. The young herb plants crave a lot of light. They will need 10 to 12 hours of light a day so try to find which windows get the most sunshine to place the containers at the best places. South and west are usually provides the best light so you should consider this in your choice of location of your mini herb garden.  Windows on the south side usually provides the most light and heat which could burn new or tender plants so they should, at that stage, be placed on north side window sills. Observe your plants to prevent overheating and to prevent unnecessary damage. It is equally recommended to turns the plants once a week to equally distribute light on all sides of the plant.

If it is not possible to insure the adequate lighting to a mini herb garden set, you should consider using grow lights or fluorescent tubes. Of course natural light is better but artificial will get the job done, You can purchase them at nurseries, garden and hardware stores for a fair price. Place these lights about 10 inches above the young plants and raise them up to 18 inches over the maturing or larger ones. They should be on for about 10 hours a day to achieve the result of natural sunlight.



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