Buy and Plant Your Herbs For Growing and Save a Bundle

Everything nowadays is more and more expensive and food supplies are no exception. Anyone who cooks will readily agree that herbs are great to add a warm array of flavors to your meals but comes at a very high price. Next time that you are at the grocery, just have a look at the herbs display and add up how much it would cost you if you were to start fresh and buy all of the usual herbs needed to prepare yours meals and multiply the result with they yearly frequency to renew them and you will be surprised at the significant cost engendered by the need for these products.

Yes, store-bought herbs are quite an expense, especially in this new age where the economy is in shambles. All of us has to rethink of how we spend our hard-earned money and how we can be more auto-sufficient. Instead of buying factory-packed herbs, buying and planting herbs for growing will not only present you with a  sound investment but will supply you with fresh, full-flavored herbs that will elevate your meals to gourmet level. Your garden, inside or outdoors, will provide you with fresh herbs at your fingertips for a long time providing they get sufficient sunlight, steady water supply and your occasional attention.

But I Live in a Small Appartment:
There are many situations where a garden seems quite an impossibility, a small apartment, no backyard or gardening space available etc… but these reasons do not need to be a problem when it comes to herbs. There are many options to counter these problems so that basically anyone can grow a garden indoors or outside of the home. The herbal plant takes up very little space, a 4 inches in diameter pot can hold a plant of the chosen herb and will be plenty to feed a small family for a long time. If you wish to grow various herbs than you can calculate the number of plants by 4 inches to see how much space they would occupy.

A sunny windowsill is a good place to grow your plants and if your light source is not sufficient than you can use grow lights to complement. Inside-grown plants can be as lush as plants grown outside. Other than sunlight, herbal plants need water and good drainage to grow healthy and strong. Two great advantages of growing herbs indoors are the proximity of the plants to pick fresh leaves from when you are cooking and absolute pest control. The only drawback is that if you are planning to grow herbs in a very large quantity, then you could lack space to do so, but other than that everything should go fine.

Harvesting and Storing Your Crop:
A time will come when you have harvested more that you need for your immediate use. You will need to store your herbs correctly so that they last for a very long time and can be used when needed. You can fill containers pretty much like the ones that are used for store-bought at the store. If you have a large harvest and you need to store more than the little bottles can hold, than you should vacuum pack the rest. Buy vacuum sealers at your neighborhood store and put the herbs in plastic bags and use the vacuum sealer to adequately seal the bags, sucking the air out of the bag at the same time. Identify each bag with the name of the herb that it contains. This will assure that the herbs remain fresh and full-flavored when you use them later on.

Growing herbs is not difficult at all and the plants easily adapts to your environment quite well as long as you give them the attention that they need to grow to their full potential. Once you start investing in herbs for growing for yourself, you will not only enjoy gourmet style cooking and save a lot of money doing so.



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