Growing Garlic using an Indoor Herb Garden is a superb spice that’s utilized around the world. It has many attributes from health conscious to culinary. Personally, I simply love the flavor and the scent – if I could use it in every dish I almost certainly would. So while we are considering our own indoor herb garden, why not consider garlic? It could appear like a complicated thing to grow, but it is really fairly simple, and is fantasically suited for our indoor herb garden.

All that you need to start growing garlic indoors is garlic bulbs, and a suitably sized pot, and some patience. When it comes to taking the garlic bulbs, keep in mind that most grocery garlic is treated to not sprout – and glaringly we need the garlic to sprout so one should look in a nursery for garlic bulbs provided specifically for growing.

As far as the pot goes, I recommend a 12″ x 12″ pot approx. You can grow a couple bulbs in this sized pot – each bulb 1.5 inch below the surface and 3-4 inches apart. I would not recommend packing as many in a pot as you can, but 2-3 should be fine. You do not need the plants to run straight out of room while growing. You also want to ensure proper drainage, as the bulbs can rot if left in water too long.

Historically one plants the garlic in october/November. You do not want the ground to freeze early in growth. Obviously this isn’t a difficulty growing in doors, however the expansion can gain advantage from having the pots placed in about 10 degree C for the 1st month. If you do plant in the october/Nov range, keep correct watering, ensure the plant gets as much sun as practical you should be ready to harvest around may/june of the following year.

Growing garlic is unique in experience compared with other herbs. The particular herb we crop is growing underground – though there is an above ground plant/flower. Draining is important for all herbs, but supreme for garlic since any crumbling of the bulb means we lose our crop. Keep these simple ideas under consideration and you will be able to grow your own delicious garlic.

Joseph Robertson loves having fresh garlic available from his very own indoor herb garden. Find out more about growing garlic at the blog.