Growing Basil within your Indoor Herb Garden is a superb herb which, while best grown outside, can easily be grown in an indoor herb garden. Basil will do best on a windowsill facing the equator – as it is with most herbs. When growing basil, it is advised that you keep the plants away from extremely cold drafts and in powerful sunlight. A greenhouse is the most commonly recommended in this situation, but they can easily be grown in a basement under growing lights.

Here are one or two key guidelines to keep under consideration when growing basil:

  • You would like the basil in a soil temperature that is constantly above 50 degrees F.
  • It is advised that you selected a larger pot – basil plants do not respond well to being replanted.
  • Plant seeds no deeper than 1/8th of an in. below the surface, and cover them with a fine soil. Press the top soil down gently over the seeds and give them a gental spray with water.
  • Make sure to keep the soil moist – germination should take one to two weeks.
  • If you’re using starter plants, place them 12-18 inches apart (keep this under consideration when choosing your pot).
  • Keep young seedlings out of direct hot child for the 1st week after sprouting.

Leaves can be harvested periodically as the plants grow – and they should, picking leaves promotes expansion. Never harvest all of the huge goes at once, nor all of the tiny leaves. Instead when cropping, do 1/2 the giant and 1/2 the little leaves or less of each.

If you find the leaves have wilted from lack of water, simply water comprehensively and position in a sunny location – the plant will recover quickly. Yellowed leaves at the base of the plant tend to indicate that it is stressed – the plant is either receiving too much water or there’s an imbalance of manure.

As a last note, keep an eye fixed on stems which produce flowers. If a stem fully produces a flower, the plant will switch focus to reproducing rather than developing leaves – this leads to far less to no basil leaves! As you see flowers beginning to bud, simply pinch them off the stem. You will chose to keep a plant with flowers simply for growing new plants in the future – the plant will produce seed pods that contain tiny black seeds. These can be saved and planted again.

Joseph Robertson loves growing basil for cooking. You can read more on the blog about growing basil in an indoor herb garden.


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